Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gift Tag Exchange...

One of my most favorite people in Arizona (Shye) started a gift tag exchange.

Since we moved to Nebraska I decided I would need some extra projects to keep my mind busy so I sign up for this year. One thing that all of you should know about Celinda is that I get myself into TOO many projects at one time! I always have & I am afraid I always will. So here are the tags that I created in a matter of 30 min. There are 18 women in our exchange so I will be getting some pretty darn cute tags back.

This months theme was "Birthdays".

Hope you enjoy & maybe it inspires you to make a mess in your

house & whip up some fabulous tags!!

Now onto my crazy crafting MADNESS!!!..........

The hubbs will be M.I.A. for 7 DAYS!!!! PARTY!!!!

Here are just a few projects that I will be attempting to WHIP together before he comes home & discovers my CRAZE!!

1st: This adorable apron. I have been OBSESSED with it since I found it on I will be making 3 of them, 1 for me, my sister Allison (whom you will here a lot about) & my very amazing friend Katie in AZ whom I miss!!

2nd: I will be PAINTING!!! That's right you heard me.....PAINTING!!! If you have read my "about me" blurb you must know that I have a true addiction to painting. I have 3 main pieces that I HAVE to get done before that hubbs gets home. #1 because he wants me to leave them the snot ALONE & #2 Because I am CRAZY!!

The 1st piece is my China Hutch (will post pics later) It is in DESPERATE need of a make-over.

2nd, My Bench for my Kitchen table that I recently revamped.
& Last but NOT least my 3 piece living room set, End table, Coffee table & Sofa table. This is a biggie! My hubbs will FREAK when he gets home & sees this. He wants me to Sand then down & stain them but for all of you who have read the "about Celinda" blurb, you know that stain is a BAD WORD I HATE STAIN!!! So needless to say I will just have to do it while he is M.I.A.
So it is official....I'm NUTS & I LOVE it!!! So till next week keep the creativity Flowin'!!
(I promise to post before & after pics next week!)


Steffani April 14, 2010 at 12:43 PM  

Yay! You're the best!! I can't wait to see all of your creativeness!! So glad you're ON BOARD girlfriend!!!

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