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My name is Celinda. I am very blessed to be the mother of 3 gorgeous girls. We have a VERY crazy house. My husband & I are 2 very creative people, but with 2 very different ideas. The hubbs is a woodworker by profession. He loves natural wood & stain. I HATE STAIN!! I LOVE to paint, when I see a piece of furniture I think “What color could I get away with painting this?” I have a major addiction to painted furniture. I love the French cottage look, antique & vintage style. Some of my hobbies include: Decorating, cleaning, crafting, painting, sewing, cross stitch, couponing & pretty much anything woodworking. My very favorite thing is to take something completely HIDEOUS & make it amazing! If I can save some money by doing the work myself I am ALL for it. My sisters like to call me the “Cheap Martha Stewart”. When I was younger & not as frugal, I HATED crafts, but now that I have kids & a husband (who can be more expensive than the kids) I have learned to LOVE it. My entire goal as a homemaker is to be a good mom/wife & have a beautiful home & I do it ALL on a budget.  I hope you enjoy my madness!!

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the clever chic is dedicated to bringing wonderful ideas together in one spot; craft ideas, decorating ideas, organizing ideas, cooking ideas, parenting ideas, etc. it's basically a melting pot of inspiration!

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